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barfield 200x200Ashley Barfield

Texas Tech University

Level: Senior

Certification Area: EC-6 Generalist, Special Education


speakerWhat People Are Saying

I worked hard in my classes because I understood that I would one day need that knowledge to effectively reach my future students. I care about each of my students deeply. I do not see them as my mentor teacher’s students that I borrow for 45 minutes a day, but my students that I desperately desire to succeed. -- Ashley Barfield

It is amazing how much teaching Ashley can jam-pack into her short time with four children who are well behind their peers. Most impressive is her dedication to working with this population of students in the future. There are students who are remarkable; Ashley is extraordinary in every regard. -- University Professor

Ashley has volunteered above and beyond the hours and responsibilities of her pilot program. She has volunteered to work school events such as their Fall Festival, is always ready to lend a hand, and has become a contributing member of the school community. She is an excellent representative of the kind of teacher candidate we are proud to claim. -- Vice Dean, College of Education