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davison 200x200Catherine Davison

Trinity University

Level: Junior

Certification Area: English Language Arts & Reading 4-8, 8-12


speakerWhat People Are Saying

I want to be a teacher because I see teaching as an opportunity to share knowledge and passion for learning with young people. Effective teachers can have lifelong positive impacts on students, and this makes teaching a very exciting profession to me. Through education courses and through fieldwork in various classrooms, I have learned that students have unique learning needs, students want to be engaged in school, and teachers should have high expectations for all students. -- Catherine Davison

In all of her work, Cathy has demonstrated exceptional dispositions toward teaching and talent for instructional learning. In her interactions with students and her practice in instructional planning, Cathy has distinguished herself as an exceptional teacher candidate. She is as dedicated to the students she works with as she is to understanding how students learn in order to develop age-appropriate lessons to teach sophisticated concepts. -- University Professor

Cathy has a natural talent for mathematics. She is also motivated by her intellectual curiosity and is not afraid of challenges. She was confident and well-articulated in her presentation; she showed great talent summarizing a very difficult and nontrivial topic. -- University Professor