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harris 200x200Danielle Harris

University of Houston

Level: Senior

Certification Area: Mathematics 4-8


speakerWhat People Are Saying

There aren’t any molds to create the perfect teacher, just like there aren’t any molds to create the perfect student. All students are unique and individual and require different styles of teaching for their learning; therefore, a teacher must use a variety of different learning strategies in one lesson to reach all students. -- Danielle Harris

When students asked her questions that related to mathematical concepts, Danielle was able to not only answer the questions clearly and correctly, but she was able to allude to why these concepts will be helpful for understanding future concepts. She has been able to demonstrate flexibility in the classroom through gauging students’ understanding via questions and other group activity assessments. Overall, Danielle has demonstrated in many capacities that she is a motivated and energetic math teacher. -- University Professor

From her first day, she showed classroom management, passion for teaching, and compassion for the students. She successfully delivered several lessons. Students have shown understanding of the material in discussion and in formal assessment. -- Cooperating Teacher