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smith e 200x200Ellen Smith

Abilene Christian University

Level: Senior

Certification Area: English Language Arts & Reading 8-12


speakerWhat People Are Saying

Concentrating on and communicating a defined learning objective for each lesson is absolutely necessary for student achievement. For every group reading lesson that we do, I look at their STAAR information to decide on a TEKS objective, which I shape into a lesson objective that we can complete in our allotted time. Then, every piece of the lesson – the text introduction, reading excerpt, discussion questions, and skill extension – revolves around that goal. -- Ellen Smith

Ms. Smith has mastered the knowledge and skills of her academic discipline. Though her primary area of study has been English and literature, she is highly invested in how that expertise can be constructed in a classroom setting. Ms. Smith is a keen observer who can efficiently assess the areas of strength and challenge of individual students. -- University Professor

One characteristic that truly sets Ellen apart is her constant desire to critically assess her own performance. I believe this constant meta-cognitive awareness of her own methodology and its connection to her learning evidences a true lifetime learner – a type of teacher I deem most valuable. -- University Professor