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dozier 200x200Hannah Dozier

University of Texas – Permian Basin

Level: Student Teacher

Certification Area: Physical Education EC-12


speakerWhat People Are Saying

I have learned that being a teacher you are constantly critiquing what you have taught to reflect on what worked and didn’t work to fix what didn’t work as soon as possible. -- Hannah Dozier

I truly believe that Hannah Dozier is on her way to becoming an exceptional teacher no matter what age group she chooses. Her excitement about teaching and her motivation to be the best will push her to the top of the kinesiology profession. -- University Supervisor

Ms. Dozier demonstrates exceptional knowledge in her field of Kinesiology. This knowledge allows her to implement higher-level thinking skills for students as she teaches class lessons. Not only does she include higher-level thinking skills in the field of Kinesiology, but she also incorporates other subject area disciplines to promote a well-rounded learning environment for students. -- Cooperating Teacher