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Joel Schildwachter

Concordia University

Level: Senior

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speakerWhat People Are Saying

I have learned the importance of letting students set goals and helping students towards accomplishing them, using a variety of strategies that are both age and subject matter appropriate, implementing technologies, modifying where need be, and assessing for student learning and knowledge. Only through individualizing all of these can students reach their fullest potential. -- Joel Schildwachter

As a double major in Secondary Curriculum – Math and All Level Special Education, not only does Joel work very hard in his teacher education and math classes to make sure that lessons are complete and accurate, but he also spends countless hours with the special needs students, engaging and connecting with them in creative ways. His gift of planning and time management, along with his optimism and joy in life and love for teaching are visible to fellow faculty, students, and parents. -- Dean, College of Education

Joel has the desire to grow and learn and apply his great knowledge to the classroom for the well-being of his students. Joel is the type of individual who builds relationships; he wants to get to know a child in order to make the best decision for his/her education. Joel builds an encouraging classroom environment where students are comfortable to learn and explore He builds students up with the confidence to have an “I can do it!” attitude. -- University Supervisor