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nguyen 200x200Lan Nguyen

Lamar University

Level: Student Teacher

Certification Area: EC-6 Generalist


speakerWhat People Are Saying

I am able to draw on my knowledge with flexibility during instruction and am able to teach, incorporating the necessary strategies needed for that specific subject. I thoroughly research ways I can provide a more creative and innovative education for my students and am not hesitant to ask for help to create that space where my students can think outside of the norm, to think higher than what is expected of them, and to foster the creativity and knowledge that the students are building. -- Lan Nguyen

Her use of technology is seamless in the lesson. As she taught she explored how to make decisions based on needs and wants with a Webkinz. She extended students’ thinking to the next level through questioning and demonstrating results as students made decisions on the website. Students were eager to participate and stayed involved as they evaluated each decision made by classmates. -- University Supervisor

Ms. Nguyen’s practices are intuitive and creative in the classroom setting. She strives for a comprehensive understanding of all students’ needs in the subject matter she is introducing, teaching or reviewing. Once students show signs of struggle or misconceptions she focuses in on their needs or strives to intercept their difficulties before they become failures. -- Cooperating Teacher