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danz 200x200Mary Kate Danz

Concordia University

Level: Senior

Certification Area: EC-6 Generalist


speakerWhat People Are Saying

I believe that education is the gateway to success. Students must have one to achieve the other. In the classroom I feel it is essential to make sure there is an equal opportunity for learning among the students no matter their ability, an effective discipline and organizational system implemented throughout the classroom, and a broad study of information and activities to keep the students actively engaged. It is the proper planning and instruction of the teacher that makes all this possible. -- Mary Kate Danz

It did not take long for me to realize that Mary Kate is a conscientious and dedicated student. Her work is of the highest quality. The lessons she plans and presents are creative and engaging. She always ties her objectives to the standards and is clear on her procedures for assessment. She collaborates well with her fellow students, is always helpful, and is an excellent role model. -- University Professor

Mary Kate is a natural teacher in the classroom. The students naturally gravitated toward her and she had an innate love and concern for them. She also taught reading and writing with an ease not typically seen in young teachers. If it had not been for her mentor teacher being in the room, a casual observer would have thought she was the real teacher. -- University Professor