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sugg 200x200Randall Sugg

Tarleton State University

Level: Student Teacher

Certification Area: Mathematics 4-8


speakerWhat People Are Saying

I provide different instructional delivery methods dependent on the students’ needs. With many different levels of abilities, I enlist all students to participate in the lessons. This is followed by the expectation that we all respect our classmates. I provide positive feedback for every response given. This takes away any fear of failure for the students. -- Randall Sugg

As he presents the lessons, he is able to share real-world examples with the students on why they need to know the concept and how it is used. Also, I have been impressed with his ability to quickly come up with a creative explanation to help students understand something with which they had been struggling. Randall has a great sense of humor that is both appropriate and entertaining for the students. -- Classroom Teacher

Randall shows a sincere interest in his students both academically and personally. Randall is quick to smile, always calm and very humorous. He is so approachable, able to talk with students on their level and make them feel comfortable; students are willing to share that they do not understand without being afraid of the response. -- University Supervisor