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bledsoe 200x200Sara Bledsoe

University of Texas at Arlington

Level: Junior

Certification Area: EC-6 Generalist


speakerWhat People Are Saying

I have wanted to teach ever since I was a young child. The teachers I had growing up truly inspired me to become a teacher. They were always so helpful and willing to do anything to help their students. Now that I am on this journey to become a teacher, I strive to develop into the kind of teacher they were. I desire to be the teacher that goes out of her way to assist her students so they can reach their full potential as learners. -- Sara Bledsoe

Ms. Bledsoe’s work is consistently exemplary. She is able to pinpoint her strengths and weaknesses in terms of class assignments and uses this information to seek out help, resources, and input in furthering the quality of her work. Ms. Bledsoe consistently takes initiative in going above and beyond when completing class assignments. -- University Professor

Sara worked with a child who had experienced difficulty in succeeding in literacy. Her ability to provide excellence in planning and instructional delivery is shown through her written planning, her records of the child’s written responses, and her anecdotal records that captured additional information. Sara’s work showed her ability to assess based upon what the student needed to know, provide instruction, and to use informal assessment during teaching to guide further instruction. -- University Supervisor