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whightsil 200x200Sharon Whightsil

Concordia University

Level: Junior

Certification Area:  Special Education EC-12


speakerWhat People Are Saying

I really do believe that every student can learn, and the teacher’s job is to find the best way to facilitate that learning. I have come to know what it means to create a classroom community that values everyone for the unique characteristics they bring. When students feel that their teacher and classmates accept and cherish them, they are ready and eager to learn. -- Sharon Whightsil

Sharon is the type of learner who absorbs as much knowledge as possible, and ponders it and reflects upon it when planning for lessons or completing assignments. She has high expectations for herself and therefore has the same for her students. In order to prepare them, she is learning and practicing effective teaching strategies. -- University Supervisor

Sharon has a “natural” ability with planning instructional goals for her students. Her classwork demonstrates this ability, as well as her desire to seek more information to become a more prepared teacher to meet the needs of her students. Sharon has a passion for working with diverse students and facilitating learning through formative and summative assessment. -- University Professor