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Tracy Banks

Concordia University

Level: Student Teacher

Certification Area: Physical Education, EC-12


speakerWhat People Are Saying

I love the idea of combining content areas for lesson plans in physical education. As a result of my lesson, my students obtained the knowledge needed to continue a healthy lifestyle in the future, and I walked out of the gym feeling a sense of excellence and pride knowing that I assisted them with that goal. -- Tracy Banks

Believing students have a need for structure, organization and respect for authority, but not wanting to be a drill sergeant, Ms. Banks sets clear expectations for herself and her students that reflect these beliefs. She wants students leaving with a sense of accomplishment in both knowledge and character development. -- University Professor

The atmosphere of her classroom is one of safety and comfort, but also of order. She is not rattled by students vying for attention and is able to oversee the various activities in the class, including unplanned ones, calmly. -- University Supervisor