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phipps 200x200Virginia Phipps

Texas A&M University - Texarkana

Level: Student Teacher

Certification Area: EC-6 Generalist


speakerWhat People Are Saying

I strive to make lessons reflect research-based instruction. I enjoy the brief moments that I get with each individual student. It is my goal to fill those moments with not only knowledge, but deep understanding. I know that a student can truly be successful if they are actively engaged in learning. For this reason I endeavor to make my lessons hands-on and practical so my students will absorb the concepts. -- Virginia Phipps

She has become a dedicated teacher who provides much happiness, innovative ideas, caring sensitivity and immeasurable patience with our students. Ms. Phipps not only captivates their interest but has them create such wonderful projects that represent the knowledge learned. -- Cooperating Teacher

She speaks in such a way that she draws her students into the lesson. They want to listen to her. They trust that what she says is accurate and important. Her attention to lesson details and her quest for helping each student to be successful through her use of technology and her talent for engaging students are remarkable talents. -- University Supervisor