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white 200x200Whitney White

Abilene Christian University

Level: Senior

Certification Area: EC-6 Generalist


speakerWhat People Are Saying

All of my experiences have come together to influence my ability to create and maintain a successful classroom environment. The wide variety of lesson plans that I have created and implemented covering many subject areas has deepened my knowledge of subject content. The pedagogical and instructional knowledge that I have learned merges with my passion for teaching and drive to be the best for my future students. -- Whitney White

Engaging her students deeply through active learning, Whitney asks higher-order questions, establishes relevance, and always incorporates elements of fun that powerfully draws students into the lesson. Her students always leave her class with positive attitudes, very large smiles on their faces, and an energy that they seem to absorb from her very presence. -- University Supervisor

Ms. White is a leader among her peers. She carries herself with quite confidence; she embodies the saying still waters run deep. She chooses words carefully, never draws undue attention to herself, and lets her performance speak for itself. These characteristics will serve Ms. White well as she communicates with her colleagues, partners with families, and maintains a positive classroom environment. -- University Professor