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rabideau 200x200Benjamin Rabideau

Baylor University

Level: Senior

Certification Area:  EC-12 Special Education


speakerWhat People Are Saying

I differentiate my lessons by planning beforehand for the students who will need more assistance, guidance, or prompting. Every student is different, and that is especially true in special education, but when you create a warm and welcoming environment, your chances of getting the best effort out of your students increases exponentially. -- Benjamin Rabideau

Mr. Rabideau was capable of planning individual lesson plans based on the functional needs of the students, monitoring progress through formative and summative evaluation while simultaneously teaching, utilizing this assessment to adapt daily lessons, and managing problem behavior in the classroom. -- University Faculty

He is very knowledgeable in using the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills as well as wide variety other resources available for instructing students with special needs. Benjamin uses a variety of strategies and develops materials to meet the unique needs of each student and to ensure success in each student. He aligns lessons with the interests of the students and most importantly addresses subject matter in an age-appropriate manner. -- Cooperating Teacher