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rhodes 200x200Caitlyn Rhodes

The University of Texas at Arlington

Level: Senior

Certification Area:  4-8 English Language Arts


speakerWhat People Are Saying

I have spent my years in college trying to master my content areas as best I can, so that my practicum time could be about emerging myself in the students’ world. My practicum has been dedicated to building rapport with students and adapting lessons to fit their needs and interests. -- Caitlyn Rhodes

Her ability to perceive the needs of student in the classroom, to follow the lead of cooperating teachers and assist at every corner earned her the early reputation as a can-do individual. She is passionate about getting her students to understand social studies. She makes history and government come alive and be relevant to students. -- University Faculty

Caitlyn consistently demonstrates a rapidly developing knowledge of the theoretical underpinnings of high quality instruction, and the ability to put that knowledge into practice in her work in her field placements. One of the striking things about Caitlyn is her commitment to engaging with each of her students. She has demonstrated her belief that given good support, all students can learn. -- University Faculty