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mitchell 200x200Kimberly Mitchell

Texas Tech University

Level: Senior

Certification Area:  EC-6 Generalist


speakerWhat People Are Saying

I have made an effort to integrate multiple subject areas into every lesson that I teach. I have tried to take into consideration data and struggling areas for the district and school, such as reading and writing, and use of this type of key information to help me be a more successful teacher. -- Kimberly Mitchell

Kimberly’s philosophy of child centered learning is truly her passion, and she is willing to do whatever it takes to help students achieve their learning goals. Kimberly is energetic, personable, well-spoken, and highly motivated. -- University Faculty

Miss Mitchell is very focused on the student’s learning. She pre-assesses their knowledge through questioning or KWL charts. She makes the necessary adjustments based on the pre-assessment. She is a knowledgeable young lady who possesses all of the qualities of an exceptional teacher. -- Cooperating Teacher