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phan 200x200Lynn Phan

University of Houston-Downtown

Level: Junior

Certification Area:  4-8 Generalist


speakerWhat People Are Saying

It is important for me to experience a wide range of classroom environments and student populations so I can understand how to create an equitable classroom where every student can have a valuable, caring learning experience. My experiences working in ESL classrooms, working with special needs students, and tutoring incarcerated teens have given me direction to the group of future students that I look forward to teaching. -- Lynn Phan

Lynn is exceptional in that she brings an inordinate amount of enthusiasm to every aspect of the learning process. She makes it a point to engage her professors in conversations about what she is reading and learning and how she believes this is going to impact her teaching. -- University Faculty

The accomplishment of the technology semester projects demonstrated Ms. Phan’s problem-solving capability, technical skills, communication skills, as well as critical thinking strategies. I often see her talking and helping other peers. Ms. Phan is gaining expertise in how to integrate technology into the classroom while keeping all children engaged individually and in whole-group. -- University Faculty