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farrell 200x200Michelle Farrell

Texas A&M University

Level: Junior

Certification Area: EC-12 Special Education, EC-6 Generalist, ESL


speakerWhat People Are Saying

Whenever possible I incorporated real life materials and technology. I had fun teaching, and the students knew that. I was excited when they got something right, I was encouraging when they couldn’t find the right answer, and I let them know they could learn and have fun with it. -- Michelle Farrell

Michelle shows an outstanding ability to create lessons that engage the learner and enhance understanding. She is able to anticipate potential problems, and develops strategies and activities that account for the diversity of learning. Her lesson plans demonstrate sophistication of thought and application of knowledge that are exceptional for any student at this point in the program. Her calm demeanor and organized approach, along with the use of individualized techniques influence even the most reluctant learners to be part of the learning experience. -- University Faculty

It is Michelle’s extreme patience, enthusiasm, careful planning, and attention to detail that make her an excellent pre-service teacher. Michelle creatively captures her students’ attention, instructs at an appropriate level for the needs of the students, keeps her students’ attention through interesting activities and the appropriate amount of challenge, encourages independence in her learners through scaffolding her prompts as needed, and overall creates and maintains a positive learning environment. -- University Faculty