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flores_m200x200Miguel Flores

University of Houston-Downtown

Level: Student Teacher

Certification Area: 4-8 Generalist


speakerWhat People Are Saying

I have provided my students with learning experiences that increase their knowledge, retention of the content and triggers their higher order thinking. There are many approaches that I take to develop a productive lesson and appropriate classroom behavior. I have a clear understanding that I control the mood and atmosphere of the class and building a positive rapport with the students will benefit me in teaching the students. -- Miguel Flores

I have been impressed with not only Miguel’s knowledge of the subject material but his superb ability to communicate it to his students. He geared every aspect of his lessons to learner-centered instruction. He incorporated the use of advanced technology both to arouse student interest and to emphasize the material he was presenting. He kept his students actively engaged in the learning process, and consistently monitored to determine his charges were following along. -- University Supervisor

He has demonstrated a thorough knowledge of the content area of math by using strategies that involve flexible grouping, mnemonic devices and acronyms to help students remember mathematical procedures and strategies. He has created his own assessments through writing activities, general assessments, and daily informal assessments. The classroom environment was established by Mr. Flores the first day of school through his relentless positive attitude. It is contagious and his students have embraced his attitude. -- Cooperating Teacher