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Samantha Drabble

Texas A&M University-Texarkana

Level: Junior

Certification Area:  8-12 Mathematics


speakerWhat People Are Saying

I know hard work and content mastery is integral for my future success. I have also developed resilience to difficult tasks and hard concepts. I am currently involved in tutoring college students in math and mentoring five students at a local high school. I try to be a positive voice to my students. -- Samantha Drabble

Samantha almost innately connects pedagogical content to her observations at a surprising level of sophistication in a foundational course. She has internalized the value of the role of instructor as content facilitator and one that sets the optimal learning conditions. Samantha understands the importance of identifying when technology is important to utilize and when hands-on activities are important to utilize. -- University Faculty

Samantha distinguished herself as a student capable of lateral thinking, oftentimes making an observation that gave the class insight toward a solution. Her critical thinking abilities are typical of a well-prepared college student. -- University Faculty