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grebe 200x200Stacey Grebe

Texas A&M University

Level: Student Teacher

Certification Area: EC-12 Special Education, EC-6 Generalist, ESL


speakerWhat People Are Saying

Finishing my undergraduate career by student teaching in an Adaptive Behavior Unit (ABU) has shown me numerous ways to demonstrate excellent teaching. I have realized that the most vital characteristic of teaching is the planning. My ongoing planning encourages students to feel comfortable in my classroom and fosters learning. -- Stacey Grebe

Stacey clearly exhibits an understanding and compassion for students with behavior challenges. She has established excellent rapport with the students, and is able to recognize and anticipate isolated and repetitive behaviors. Her lessons focus on various social skills which require students to model understanding of the skill. She exhibits sincere passion to meet the behavioral and academic needs of the student entrusted to her. -- University Supervisor

Stacey taught lessons on being coachable, compliant, and resilient. Using the gradual release model, Stacey was able to instill valuable skills that each student needed in order to be successful while ensuring that students are met on their level. She understands what it means to be a special education teacher, especially an adaptive behavior teacher. -- Cooperating Teacher