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buruato 200x200Steven Buruato

The University of Texas at San Antonio

Level: Student Teacher

Certification Area: EC-6 Generalist


speakerWhat People Are Saying

When teaching, I have learned that in order for my lessons to be effective and have the students gain the knowledge, I model for the students, and then we practice it. After finishing a unit for any given subject, I give the students a mini assessment to test their knowledge of what they have learned. After reviewing the assessment I am able to go back and reteach or make clarifications about what the students were unable to understand. -- Steven Buruato

Steven has a very caring, nurturing and calm demeanor with the students. The children have a strong bond and rapport with him. His content knowledge is excellent, and his materials are always organized, engaging and motivating. -- University Supervisor

Mr. Buruato’s lesson plans accommodate all of our special education students as indicated on their individualized education plans (IEPs). He helps to establish a warm, caring, and safe environment for all of our students. Mr. Buruato uses a variety of strategies to reward positive behavior. His interactions with parents and staff are professional and respectful. -- Cooperating Teacher