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glass 200x200Tracy Glass

Texas A&M University

Level: Senior

Certification Area:  EC-12 Special Education, EC-6 Generalist, ESL


speakerWhat People Are Saying

I take lesson planning and teaching very seriously as I strive to deliver my best to each student. I begin lesson planning by studying students’ Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) to identify areas of need, and I build lessons based on this information. I also take into consideration student’s aspirations for the future, and try to construct the lesson around a theme related to something they would like to do. -- Tracy Glass

Tracy clearly understands the need to differentiate instruction and to promote independence and student self-management in special education. She plans her instruction to provide the least support necessary, guiding her students to make choices and decisions. -- University Faculty

Tracy seems to have an innate ability to sense when learners struggle and then is able to adjust her instruction accordingly. Tracy is highly organized and methodical in planning her lessons that reflect best practice in her creative use of strategies which are effective for all learners regardless of their backgrounds or needs. Her lessons demonstrate the high level of awareness of her students both with respect to their interests and abilities. -- University Faculty