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galla-alexAlex Galla

The University of Texas at Arlington

Level: Junior

Certification Area:  Middle Level Math/Science


speakerWhat People Are Saying

I demonstrate an excellence in planning and delivering instruction by providing a clear focus on my goals and objectives within my classroom. I utilize formative assessment through interpersonal interactions while working on assignments throughout the day. Summative assessment is done through a final product by the students’ task with specific criteria they are required to meet. To assess any misconceptions, I utilize multiple resources to address the misconceptions. -- Alex Galla

To promote a positive, equitable, and engaging classroom environment, Alex motivated and encouraged students with high expectations for student success, and he generated respect for the positive aspects of differing perspectives and cultural backgrounds. Additionally, Alex included individual and collaborative engagement during class activities, and he both assessed and corrected the misconceptions. -- University Faculty

Alex’s mathematics education courses involve student-centered instructional methods where students are required to work together solving mathematical problems and explain to each other why their solutions are correct. Having witnessed his teaching and mathematical abilities, I am confident that Alex will do a great job working with young people as a future educator. -- University Faculty