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coplen-angieAngela Coplen

Tarleton State University

Level: Student Teacher

Certification Area:  EC-6 Generalist/ESL


speakerWhat People Are Saying

I work tirelessly to ensure my lessons are engaging and include adaptations to suit all learners. I am passionate about finding ways to engage learners and get them excited about learning. I was able to demonstrate content and subject area knowledge during my lessons and was always looking for innovative ways to integrate lessons across the curriculum. -- Angela Coplen

Angela begins each lesson with an attention getting focus and she continues to maintain that focus throughout the lesson. She plans what questions she will ask and estimates time allotments in her written plan in order to pace the lesson at a challenging yet attainable pace. She utilizes the available resources and endeavors to include technology to enhance the lessons, making them as appealing as possible to her students. -- University Supervisor

Angela Coplen is an exceptional teacher. She has demonstrated a clear goal of becoming a teacher who is focused on student achievement and on giving her students a positive outlook on their future through education and student self-awareness. -- Mentor Teacher