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simmons-annieAnnie Simmons

Lamar University

Level: Student Teacher

Certification Area:  EC-6 Generalist


speakerWhat People Are Saying

As part of my lesson planning, I thoroughly researched the content, took notes, and used a variety of resources to expand my familiarity with the material. Building a relationship, gaining respect, and establishing trust with my students was my goal first and foremost. I achieved this connection with the students by speaking calmly and kindly, by giving them an opportunity to share, by listening to their thought, opinions, and comments, by being fair and consistent in my expectations and discipline, and by encouraging the students daily while communicating their value and importance. -- Annie Simmons

It was obvious in my first visit that she has an enthusiasm for the profession and a deep understanding of pedagogical practices. Annie’s empathy and compassion for students was shown through effective classroom management strategies aimed at student equity. She is keenly aware that the classroom climate must be conducive to learning even though students can be actively engaged and involved. Her consistent use of small group instruction and activities aimed at student-centered learning depicts a student teacher capable of developing a classroom climate where all students will be successful. -- University Supervisor

She has incorporated activities within her lessons that have students moving around and asking each other questions to make it more of a student driven lesson. She tries to always involve students in the learning process so that they will get a rewarding and successful experience. -- Mentor Teacher