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dejongh-antonyAntony M. DeJongh

The University of Texas at Arlington

Level: Student Teacher

Certification Area:  7-12 Social Studies


speakerWhat People Are Saying

My classes are enriched with ESL and special needs students. Giving a voice to these students gives depth to every lesson. I regularly check understanding to provide feedback and modify my teaching. This timely feedback adds continuity and confirmation to diverse student contributions. Improving collaborative group work helped foster a supportive learning community. -- Antony M. DeJongh

Rarely do we find such a naturally gifted social studies educator. Mr. DeJongh invites students to learn with him as though he is offering to play a wonderful historical game. He exhibits very strong content and pedagogical content knowledge which informs his instructional goals and observations, use of resources, modifications for learning, and assessment. Keenly aware of the scope and sequence, he painstakingly plans content and the most appropriate pedagogical strategy for each part of a lesson. -- University Supervisor

Antony is highly skilled at motivating the students. He leads them to higher order thinking using several different methods. This seems to be something that comes easily and naturally for him. Antony displays the qualities that make a successful and exceptional teacher. He is highly motivated and in-tune with the needs of the students. -- Mentor Teacher