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whatley-deyshaDeysha Whatley

Sam Houston State University

Level: Senior

Certification Area:  Biology


speakerWhat People Are Saying

Teaching science allows for numerous opportunities to engage students with hands-on experiences. I believe that everything students do in class should be purposeful, yet engaging. Incorporating more laboratory activities into my teaching will engage all students and allow them to use discovery learning, which helps develop critical thinking skills that can be used in other classes and in everyday life. -- Deysha Whatley

Ms. Whatley has shown a dedication to her coursework and to becoming an exceptional classroom teacher. Her classroom demeanor is reflective. She chooses to only engage when she believes she has information that is of benefit to her peers. Deysha has proven herself to be a mature, engaged teacher candidate. -- University Faculty

I have been impressed by Deysha’s dedication to meeting the needs of all her students, especially those from poverty. She has a quiet and unassuming personality and she exhibits leadership qualities. It is a rarity to find one so young with such extensive content and pedagogical knowledge. -- University Faculty