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Texas A&M University – Central Texas

Level: Student Teacher

Certification Area:  4-8 Mathematics


speakerWhat People Are Saying

When designing instruction for middle school students I used my knowledge of their various stages of cognitive and behavioral development. As a means to appeal to the social desires of the students I devised a lesson structure that would allow the students to work collaboratively in groups of three or four. I also sought to draw upon the majority of the students’ needs to be physically active by requiring them to move from item to item around the classroom, measuring the volume. -- Dustin Mann

Dustin created an environment in the class that was supportive, yet challenging to all the students. He always looked for connections to help the students understand the information. Well planned, thoughtful and prepared are the terms that his supervising teacher used to describe Dustin’s approach to the classroom. His attention to detail, understanding of the students’ needs, incorporating attention getting strategies and resources, all contribute to his ability to encourage all students to learn and achieve at the highest level. -- University Supervisor

Mr. Mann is very knowledgeable about Math and you could tell his comfort by the lessons he created as well as his high expectations for the students. He noted the struggling learners and took the initiative to modify lessons and offer one on one instruction whenever possible. -- Mentor Teacher