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bolden-jenniferJennifer Bolden

Texas A&M University – Central Texas

Level: Student Teacher

Certification Area:  EC-6 Generalist/ESL


speakerWhat People Are Saying

I specifically plan ahead by researching common misconceptions in the subject area I am teaching. Planning ahead allows me to anticipate areas of concern and prepare resources and materials that may help in the achievement of the objectives. I set high expectations for my students and provide positive encouragement. Rules and routines are clear and I remain fair and consistent in my approach to every student. -- Jennifer Bolden

Jennifer has excellent communication skills, using her voice and body language to capture the students’ attention and keep it. She has used a variety of instructional strategies during the observations; including direct instruction, interactive instruction, indirect instruction and experiential learning, creating an atmosphere of warmth and support that enables all the students to achieve success. -- University Supervisor

Designing lessons which met the requirements and special needs of students was a priority for Jennifer. Respecting individual academic needs and demonstrating equal treatment of all students were a staple in her delivery of lessons. Students respect her because she respects them. -- Mentor Teacher