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Jimmy Cuevas

Sam Houston State University

Level: Senior

Certification Area:  English


speakerWhat People Are Saying

While in my university’s secondary education program, I have had the opportunity to learn a variety of teaching strategies and apply them to my content of English. I have realized that knowing my content is only one part of becoming the inspiring teacher I strive to be. I try using the time I have in the classroom to work on listening to the students and adjusting my delivery of a lesson to meet their needs. -- Jimmy Cuevas

I had the opportunity to observe Jimmy teach a lesson in his mentor teacher’s classroom this semester. Several strategies he employed during this lesson were exceptional, particularly for a student at this point in his teacher preparation program. He set the behavioral expectations for the students, reminded students of what they had previously learned, and consistently modeled everything he asked the student to do throughout the lesson. -- University Faculty

Jimmy has a grasp on everything that goes into designing and managing a successful classroom. His plans include success for every student. Students respect him and demonstrate that they want to learn in his classroom. The success of every child drives Jimmy. -- University Faculty