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dennis-jonericJon Eric Dennis

West Texas A&M University

Level: Student Teacher

Certification Area:  4-8 English Language Arts


speakerWhat People Are Saying

My students know that I expect them to participate in class. Through this constant questioning and answering I am able to better assess my students’ understanding throughout the progression of the lesson. Consequently, this affords me the opportunity to back up and re-teach if necessary, modify my instruction as needed, capitalize on teachable moments when they arise, and adapt my lesson plan to suit the various learning styles of my students. -- Jon Eric Dennis

Mr. Dennis has fostered an enthusiasm and excitement for learning within each of his students that is seldom witnessed with novice teachers. His placement is in one of the most diverse student population schools in our area, yet Mr. Dennis has capitalized upon this unique diversity within his classroom by actively modifying his instructional goals, strategies, techniques, and resources to meet not only the needs of the whole classroom, but also the individual needs of each student within the classroom. -- University Faculty

Mr. Dennis demonstrates exceptional knowledge in Reading and Language Arts and is able to use his knowledge to adjust instruction as needed and plan fully comprehensive lessons. He has been able to take what we are reading and provide an opportunity to connect it back to the author’s perspective so that the students are able to understand why their texts appear and work the way they do. Mr. Dennis has made a personal commitment to developing meaningful relationships with our students so that his classroom management and instructional styles all lead to a positive and highly engaging classroom environment. -- Mentor Teacher