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atkinson-lynetteLynette Atkinson

Baylor University

Level: Student Teacher

Certification Area:  All Level Physical Education


speakerWhat People Are Saying

Within the classroom, I set expectations and routines to create an environment where student learning flourished. I set high expectations for student work and pushed the students to believe that they could achieve. When students have an environment where they have fun and feel like they can learn, there is always success. -- Lynette Atkinson

Lynette employs various instructional strategies from large group lectures to individual self-paced activities, and she is adept at matching her communication style to students’ age and ability. It is obvious that Lynette believes in her students and expects their best efforts. She maintains a positive environment with an abundance of patience. -- University Supervisor

Even though she was being observed and the kids came in excited, none of it shook her. She just kept teaching and was able to get the outcome she was looking for, all with a calm demeanor and positive tone. That was my first indicator that she was something special. -- Mentor Teacher