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martinez-mariMari Martinez

University of Houston – Clear Lake

Level: Senior

Certification Area:  EC-6 Generalist/Bilingual


speakerWhat People Are Saying

My field experiences give me opportunities to apply and improve my knowledge of the curriculum and teaching strategies. I work hard to plan and deliver interactive, engaging lessons. I research facts about my students’ interests, strengths and needs, and then I research the specific topic and content skills needed to fulfill curriculum standards. I write achievable, measurable objectives aligned with TEKS and district requirements. I will continuously work to keep learning what to teach, how to teach, and how to inspire all children to succeed. -- Mari Martinez

I found Mari to be an exceptionally intelligent candidate dedicated to mastering the content and pedagogical knowledge she will need to become an outstanding teacher. She also demonstrated strong ability to convert important concepts about second language development into clear explanations with concrete examples that would provide important information to the parents of ELLs in an understandable form. I believe that the high expectations Mari Martinez sets for herself and her ability to engage others in successful learning collaborations is the foundation for her becoming a teacher who conveys high expectations for success to ALL of her students. -- University Faculty

As a student in my class, Mari displayed exemplary skills and attributes consistently. Each of her products and performances reflected a mature, well-rounded, hard-working young student. She is an inspiration to others, especially first-generation minority students. Mari is a beautiful role model as a language learner herself, which gives her great insight to the needs of ESL students. -- University Faculty