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limes-stephanieStephanie Limes

Baylor University

Level: Student Teacher

Certification Area:  ECE-6


speakerWhat People Are Saying

I find great worth in creating a classroom filled with respect, high expectations, laughter and lots of student learning. I plan lessons based on the state’s standards to create objectives that are measureable, achievable, and realistic for all students. Building relationships with my students took on vast importance while managing the classroom and its procedures. -- Stephanie Limes

When planning lessons, Stephanie analyzes the TEKS to write learner objectives based on content, process, and product. Her pre-assessments inform her planning, instruction, and flexible grouping. In daily lessons Stephanie conducts pre-assessments and post-assessments to calculate learning gains and show student progress. She recognizes that to effectively teach students, she must gain their trust and invest in who they are inside and outside of school. -- University Supervisor

Her lessons demonstrate an awareness of student needs both in development and background knowledge. She makes modifications for students who need more guidance and also is able to extend learning for those who need more enrichment. She creates pre, on-going, and post assessments to guide her instruction and to monitor student learning. Stephanie has great ability to create a positive learning environment. The students feel special because she maintains a meaningful relationship with each of them. -- Mentor Teacher