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morris-sydneySydney Morris

Angelo State University

Level: Student Teacher

Certification Area:  8-12 English


speakerWhat People Are Saying

I have focused on improving interactions, particularly through silent discipline, opportunities for peer interaction and showing respect to my students. I help students to practice positive interactions with each other. My experiences in the classroom have provided abundant opportunities for me to practice and learn how to have a classroom that promotes learning and personal growth for students. -- Sydney Morris

Ms. Morris is knowledgeable about content specific pedagogy which anticipates common student misconceptions and uses strategies to dispel the misunderstandings. She maintains high expectations for all her students. She interacts with the students during the lesson, and has established that she cares for them and wants them to succeed. The students take pride in their work as a direct result. Ms. Morris is a compassionate, conscientious teacher with a desire to improve on a daily basis so she can become a better teacher. -- University Supervisor

Sydney is a contributor in our Professional Learning Community. She attends each meeting and provides input to not only the evaluation of lessons taught, but also the planning of future lessons. Her knowledge of the English curriculum has been unmatched by any other student teacher. She is very strong in her work with the writing process. She is a talented writer herself who knows the value of the writing process for students. She has the ability to break down the process, so the struggling writers become less intimidated. Her critiques have been accurate and extremely helpful to our students. -- Mentor Teacher