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greaves 200x200Brian Greaves

University of Texas at Arlington

Level: Student Teacher

Certification Area: 8-12 English, Language Arts and Reading


speakerWhat People Are Saying

I always strived to create exceptional lesson plans that could engage my students and help them learn according to specific objectives. I aspire to create the kind of classroom where all students can feel sale and reach their full potential. -- Brian Greaves

Mr. Greaves demonstrated he had prepared well, had students in mind when he designed the lesson and was intentionally teaching. He seemed to have a “teacher” sense, immediately relating to the students in a pleasant way while maintaining the lesson focus. He continually demonstrated a deep understanding of English content. His high interest in conveying information to students in meaningful ways was clear as lessons unfolded. -- Field Supervisor for Student Teaching

Teachers who possess a natural gift for connecting with students are rare, and I believe Mr. Greaves has this ability. From the very start, he began to build relationships with his students and worked hard to find ways to bring students into the circle of learning who would normally try to stay on the outside.

His knowledge of our content area is outstanding. Mr. Greaves has a way of relating to his students’ cultures, which created motivated and engaged learners. His strategies were always innovative in using technology and sensitive to the individual needs of the students. -- Cooperating Teacher