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plummer 200x200Christopher Plummer

Texas State University

Level: Senior

Certification Area: 8-12 Social Studies Composite


speakerWhat People Are Saying

I want to promote responsibility to self and others, and I want students to come to appreciate different perspectives.

… the accomplishments of my students are what truly brings me honor. -- Christopher Plummer

His ability to contextualize historical perspectives and events helps learners make connections among ideas and events beyond the discipline and within their own lives, making History more accessible and interesting.

He was able to assist students in analyzing their own pre-conceived notions while helping them appreciate others’ perspectives, modeling for them the processes historians use when analyzing and interpreting documents. -- Senior Lecturer, TSU-San Marcos

He is a highly dedicated professional who knows how to motivate his students to strive for excellence. Both in the classroom and in person, Mr. Plummer is a dynamic and powerful communicator who possesses the gift of being able to make complex topics and geographical contexts understandable. -- Professor