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potter 200x200Codi Potter

University of North Texas

Level: Senior

Certification Area: EC-6 Generalist, EC-12 Special Education


speakerWhat People Are Saying

A number of students in the class were serviced through special education. I discussed the IEP goals set with the special education teacher and adjusted the assignments as needed. Through multiple experiences in which I applied knowledge of subject matter and knowledge of teaching practices, I feel better prepared to work with students and be an effective teacher. -- Codi Potter

Ms. Potter’s interest in all learners became apparent. She was able to carefully diagnose each child, determine his or her level of need, and prescribe multiple approaches to addressing the child’s particular level of intervention each week. She used technology, mathematics manipulatives, literature, and varied forms of games and engaging real-world contextual interventions to provide well developed plans. -- Associate Professor

This student has demonstrated her commitment to teaching and to high-quality teaching in multiple ways. The quality of her work has been evidenced not only in her course grades but also in the multiple artifacts and reflections that she has submitted for her portfolio. -- Professor and Dept. Chair