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motl 200x200Jessica Motl

Texas A&M University

Level: Senior

Certification Area: EC-12 Physical Education


speakerWhat People Are Saying

I believe my enthusiasm about teaching, my ability to plan well, and my use of effective teaching strategies have brought about increases in student learning. -- Jessica Motl

Rarely have I seen a student’s qualities match the criteria provided in this award. Jessica epitomizes excellence in planning, instructional delivery and an ability to maintain an engaging classroom environment. Ms. Motl consistently demonstrated excellence in preparation and attention to detail. Objectives were clearly identified and she attained observable increases in student learning as measured by her objectives. -- Professor

Jessica has a depth of knowledge in kinesiology which she is able to translate into developmentally appropriate lessons for her students in school settings. She possesses the following exceptional teacher qualities; high level of commitment to the profession, consistent high quality preparation, planning and reflection in her field experiences, and the ability to engage students in a positive and equitable learning environment. -- Clinical Assistant Professor