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pacheco 200x200Martha Pacheco

University of Houston-Clear Lake

Level: Junior

Certification Area: EC-6 Bilingual Education


speakerWhat People Are Saying

As a bilingual teacher, I must help students develop a firm foundation of literacy in their first language while they build English proficiency.

Regardless of their backgrounds, I must believe that all my students can learn and be academically successful. In my classroom, a visitor would see word walls, books, and posters that reflect the cultures of my students, well-organized learning materials, and displays of student work that would reflect their successes. -- Martha Pacheco

She demonstrated a strong ability to convert important concepts about second language development into clear explanations with concrete examples that would provide important information to the parents of ELLs in an understandable form.

She confronts problems that arise in a solution-focused manner that engages the best thinking of all involved. -- Senior Lecturer

Martha has always put forth an extremely dedicated and positive attitude. -- Adjunct Lecturer