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Whitney Davis

Texas A&M University-Commerce

Level: Student Teacher

Certification Area: 8-12 Social Studies Composite


speakerWhat People Are Saying

The first thing that I worked to establish at the beginning of my student teaching placement was a safe and engaging learning environment. In my experience, I have found that motivation is one of the most important aspects of student learning. I now understand that in order to be engaged and actively learning, students must first be motivated. This kind of motivation can be created through the teaching strategies, we as teachers, choose to utilize. -- Whitney Davis

In ten years as a supervisor at Texas A&M-Commerce, I have never seen a student teacher so captivate the attention of her students from the moment the students walk into the room until the bell rings for them to leave. The students were actively engaged in learner-centered activities with many opportunities to practice critical thinking and problem solving. She was excellent in monitoring, assessing, and offering feedback. -- University Supervisor

Ms. Davis was ever mindful to focus on indicators of student learning that most schools use, such as formative and summative assessments. Not only did she analyze data and formulate specific groups that needed to be re-taught, she helped create resources needed to re-teach the information. She showed awareness that different students have diverse and individual needs and she was able to focus on those students with tutoring or individual instruction. I was impressed that if things didn’t go as planned during the lesson, Mrs. Davis never lost sight of the goal and would not quit or move on until she had found a way to help the students learn the content. -- Cooperating Teacher