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wright200x200Alexandria Wright

Tarleton State University

Level: Student Teacher

Certification Area:  8-12 Science


speakerWhat People Are Saying

For me, it is important to use different learning strategies in my classroom so that the students are better able to understand the information in a way that they learn. I set achievement goals and objectives that challenge my students to reach their full potential. -- Alexandria Wright

Alexandria's classroom is an amazing field of tactile activity in chemistry with diagrams of stoichiometry problem solving techniques and electrical wiring diagrams for physics. She is a natural in the communication area, willing to explain, available for tutoring and quick to reiterate her expectations of students in her classroom. -- Cooperating Teacher

Having had the opportunity to observe Ms. Wright’s classroom several times, I have always seen a well-planned lesson being implemented and an organized and calm learning environment on every visit. She reads her students comprehension and thinking on her feet modifies and adjusts with a smoothness that maintains the students’ confidence, mastery and participation. Ms. Wright is extremely knowledgeable with the Chemistry and Physics content. She is not afraid to try new methods and strives to improve daily often reflecting on each day and each lesson. -- University Supervisor