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thomasson 200x200Barrett Thomasson

Tarleton State University

Level: Senior

Certification Area:  4-8 Mathematics / English as Second Language


speakerWhat People Are Saying

I grew as a teacher and was able to learn how to alter my teaching style for students, bringing in different perspectives for those who were struggling. With the help of my mentor teacher, I created a Problem Based Learning project for our 5th grade math classes. The 5th grade as a whole showed an increase of more than 40% on their post-test. -- Barrett Thomasson

Mr. Thomasson is very knowledgeable in math content and the instructional strategies necessary to meet the needs of all students. Quick to learn and implement new strategies, he thinks on his feet and modifies the learning activities and climate to maximize student success. He will serve as an outstanding role model for today’s youth and future teachers. -- University Supervisor

Barrett is an exceptional role model for his students. He is bright, enthusiastic, excellent with people, quick to acknowledge each individual person and make them feel a part of the group/class. He was a distinguished student at Tarleton and a member of the Cubic Academy, a research grant project within the Math Department. -- University Faculty