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David Shackelford

University of Texas at Permian Basin

Level: Student Teacher

Certification Area: 4-8 Generalist


speakerWhat People Are Saying

The two-way transactional method of learning words and reading is something I have tried to emphasize. It is important in a classroom setting that every idea is considered and accepted into the conversation. -- David Shackelford

I knew immediately he was a “diamond in the rough” when it came to the “art” of teaching. He has a professional appearance, a great personality, a sense of humor, and is intelligent, and passionate about teaching. David is very technology “savvy” and is able to enhance his lessons using the smart board. Additionally, he uses cooperative learning effectively in his teaching. -- University Supervisor

David’s passion is backed by an intense understanding of the reading process. He exudes confidence in his knowledge to help struggling readers and I greatly respect his professional opinion. The students are mesmerized by his intriguing tales and the energy of the discussions is almost tangible. Mr. Shackelford has a wonderful rapport with the students. They are very drawn to him and his only discipline issues are helping contain their enthusiasm, which he does very well. He treats each child with respect and in turn they are eager to reciprocate. -- Cooperating Teacher