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Kayla Sutton

Sam Houston State University

Level: Senior

Certification Area: 8-12 English Language Arts & Reading


speakerWhat People Are Saying

I believe that as educators, we should be shaping the abilities and honing the skills of our students and teaching them how to assert their opinions, share their thoughts and be able to use their own experiences as a learning tool. -- Kayla Sutton

Kayla has the scholastic qualities of intelligence and curiosity that have enabled her to excel as a college student. Her organizational skills are excellent, and her ability to communicate with her peers, colleagues, and the students with whom she works is superb. -- University Faculty

Kayla has demonstrated in her course work that her plans include success for every student. Her learning objectives are very specific and tied directly to the state standards. She challenges students to use higher order thinking skills in her delivery, asking them to synthesize information and to draw their own conclusions, or to design a model to illustrate concepts learned. -- University Faculty