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couch 200x200Lauren Couch

Angelo State University

Level: Student Teacher

Certification Area:  8-12 Mathematics


speakerWhat People Are Saying

Through student teaching, I have gained experience that I know has prepared me for a future career as a high school mathematics teacher. I know that the best learning takes place when a student is able to teach his/her peers and is able to work a problem both forwards and backwards. -- Lauren Couch

Ms. Couch shows solid content knowledge and incorporates interdisciplinary approaches to teaching and learning. One would think that Lauren was a seasoned veteran in the classroom. Lauren has incorporated materials to provide students with challenges at a high level and has created a learning environment that encourages positive social interaction. Lauren’s instructional plans are based on knowledge of math, the student’s needs, and district and state guidelines. -- University Supervisor

Lauren’s rapport with the students is immeasurable. She works well with all students and is able to reach them on an individual basis. This helps her to be able to motivate each student in class and keep them engaged in the lessons. -- Cooperating Teacher