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hamilton 200x200Michelle Hamilton

Angelo State University

Level: Student Teacher

Certification Area:  EC-6 Generalist/EC-12 Special Education


speakerWhat People Are Saying

While student teaching, I have been able to successfully demonstrate lessons that are engaging, involve different learning styles, and require higher order thinking skills. -- Michelle Hamilton

Michelle exhibits solid content knowledge and incorporates interdisciplinary approaches to teaching and learning. She correctly assesses the students’ learning styles and developmental levels and provides learning opportunities that support their intellectual, social and personal development. She exhibits every hallmark of an excellent teacher and her students will learn and advance their knowledge well in her classroom. -- University Supervisor

During class lessons, Michelle was able to change instructional techniques when she noticed the students were struggling with the content. She had an impressive understanding of the content, and was able to read the pulse of the class in order to determine the knowledge of the students. -- Cooperating Teacher