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Troy Jarrell

University of Texas at Permian Basin

Level: Student Teacher

Certification Area: 8-12 - English Language Arts & Reading


speakerWhat People Are Saying

My field experience has created a deeper understanding of both my content knowledge and pedagogical methods. Teaching is about having students connect with the content. By having students interact with the literature they were able to produce not only an understanding of the terms but they were able to visualize the characters and it really helped spark the interest for reading the novel. -- Troy Jarrell

His passion for learning, his desire to inspire students to become better people, and his deep love for his content area has given him the ability to motivate his students more than any other teacher candidate I have ever supervised. In watching his interaction with the students you begin to understand that the students feel a connection with him and will take the initiative to seek out a deeper understanding of the material because he has made it important to their lives. -- University Faculty

Troy showed flexibility in adjusting his lessons to fit time constraints and last-minute changes in lesson plans. Troy is dedicated to the profession of teaching; he cares about how he is perceived in the classroom. -- Cooperating Teacher